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Everything Autism is a Yorkshire-based Autism diagnosis service.

They approached me to create a video explaining what happens when their clients arrive for a screening assessment, in order to familiarise them with the location and process to reduce anxiety of the unknown.

It was wonderful to be able to work on a project which makes a difference to people with Autism, and makes a potentially stressful situation easier.

Alex created a bespoke video for our practice to help people coming to appointments ‘see’ what would happen.

It was aimed at helping to decrease the ‘unknown’ and associated anxiety ahead of coming for an appointment. I think this sort of project was a bit different to Alex’s usual work but he immediately ‘got’ what we needed and understood that the video needed to be clear, concise and accessible.

He spent time prior to the recording meeting with us to really understand our client group and made sure he knew the layout of the building. On the day he was great with everyone involved and was clear in his communication and ‘directing’ us!

The final video was beyond what we expected and blew us away. We have already had feedback on the positive difference it has made to our clients and helping to prepare them for coming to see us.

We would highly recommend and hope to work with Alex again in the future.

Rebecca McLean

Everything Autism

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