The Hole In Wand & The Potions Cauldron

Promotional Videos

Hole in Wand Potions Cauldron and Milner Creative Logos

The Potions Cauldron and The Hole in Wand, run by York business partners, Phil Pinder and Ben Fry, have brought a special magic to York with their unique apothecary and wizard themed golf.

The level of magic increased when they brought Chris Rankin, the actor who played Percy Weasley (older brother of Ron Weasley) in the Harry Potter series of films to spend some time at their two businesses.


Working with local digital agency, Milner Creative, I was delighted to be able to film and produce promotional videos showcasing Chris’s visit to the two attractions.

We only had one hour with Chris, so I had to move fast to direct Chris, and get all the shots required. Plus, with little time for retakes, many shots had to be right first time.

The videos needed to be short enough to perform well on social media, as well as teasing viewers about the hidden aspects of their attractions.

I created the videos with the magical style expected from these two special businesses, so they fit right in on their social media and can be used on their website.

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